Out with one lens – Macro

Ever so often I like to force myself to shoot with just one lens. On a cold, dull, overcast day I decided to choose my trusty macro. Winter as it turns out, does not bring a lot of macro subject and it is especially frustrating when the light is poor due to the good old British weather.

The day wasn’t going well, but on my way back to the car I spotted some nice tree fungi. I am quite pleased with the results. Going out with a single lens is a great way to grab photos that are outside of your comfort zone, and to try something new. Give it a try…..


4 thoughts on “Out with one lens – Macro

  1. love your photos! That is a great idea to just force yourself to use one lens. I find myself carrying way too much and never really get accustomed to each individuals lens quality. Next time out…

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