Chinese New Year – London

I was really excited about the prospect of visiting London to join in with the Chinese New Year celebrations. There is a parade that runs from Trafalgar square to China town. The amount of people present on the day made viewing and photographing the parade incredibly difficult. So I pretty much binned that idea and decided to just head to China town and photograph there. Chinese lanterns were everywhere, in a variety of vibrant colour and made great photographic subjects.

The floats that appeared during the parade were left parked up in China town for people to view and photograph. They are full of manga type characters, Koi fish and other bright and wonderful weirdness.

As well as the dragons that you are likely to see during the parade, in China town there are also dragon visits. They will dance through the streets and visit restaurants and shops who have a lettuce above their door to bring good luck. Look out for the lettuce’s if you wish to see the dragon dances so that you can get yourself into a good position.

Below are a few other images taken on the day.

Also entered into this weeks photographic challenge – Entitled ‘Reward’.


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