Where do you find inspiration?

A few years back when I lived in Nottingham, I used to try to visit the Peak District as often as possible. For those who have never heard of the peak district, it is a large national park in central England.

It is a quiet place you can escape to, to gather your thoughts and to relax away from the city. Since moving, looking through a photo library from my days living up in the north makes me feel extremely nostalgic. Here are some photograph memories.

Prior to moving down to the south, my choice of photography subject was undoubtedly landscapes. Now I live in Surrey, the countryside down here simply doesn’t offer the same qualities as the Peaks. Therefore I have had to adapt and find new sources of inspiration. This can now be found in London, just a 25 minute journey on the train. My choice of subject has changed to more cityscapes, wildlife and architecture and street. Here are some recent street cityscape shots.


6 thoughts on “Where do you find inspiration?

  1. Your photos of the Peak District are wonderful, and make me quite homesick for the British countryside (even though I don’t know that area very well). I like the contrast with your London shots too. 🙂

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